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The Webdov team utilizes certified field inspectors experienced in evaluating automotive repair quality. We have worked extensively on diminution claims in Arizona, California, Florida, Oregon, Texas and Washington. Our robust network of field inspectors enables us to offer diminution analysis services nationwide.

Our focus is to ensure that this part of the claim process progresses as smoothly as possible. We sweat the details, like determining whether paint blends and body panel seams are perfect, while also keeping an eye on the big picture. We understand that our clients are looking for fairness for all parties involved in any auto claim.

Our methodology :

Our methodology has been tested through hundreds of diminution claims.

  InspectionEvaluationRecommendationsClient Communication  

We begin by physically inspecting the loss vehicle whenever possible. The physical inspection provides an opportunity to audit all repairs performed and determine the overall condition of the vehicle because, let’s face it, we all drive and care for our vehicles differently. We take a more personal approach than everybody else. Our certified field inspectors carefully analyze the loss vehicle and complete a detailed condition report. Digital photography and electronic mail guarantee a quick turnaround.


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